Welcome to the most recent iteration of my personal website. I have had many websites since I started building them in 1994, but since the invention of social-networks I have just been forwarding my site to my linkedin page. I have recently started working for myself, again, at Digital Ambit LLC. That has prompted me to do a little more with this site.

Over the years I have primarily been using this domain for email. Now and then I will throw a site up because I want to play with some new web technology. This time the technology itself was not my goal which presented a new and interesting challenge: What web platform does a web developer choose?

I haven't used them all, but I have my go-to technologies for pretty much anything web related. Most are overkill for a personal site. I am going to explore those different options in a future post, but in the end I have selected to use github's built-in Jekyll integration to host this site.

In the meantime, welcome to my site. Drop me a line on one of the many social-media outlets linked above or email me at carson@carsonevans.com. I'll try and keep relevant posts coming routinely becuase there's nothing worse than a stale blog.

I have a newsletter...

Many of my posts end up in Digital Ambit's monthly newsletter. It is the best way to keep up with what Dagny and I are doing in the business world. I appreciate your support and will only send you things we think are valuable.