Series: This is the third post in a series of updates on our sleep-tracking experiment.

More than a month has passed since the last update, and I will admit that I have yet to convene the first of those "weekly" family meetings I said I would do in the last update. The good news is that Cayla has been using Lark to follow along and has gained some insights into her sleep patterns. Bad data continues to plague us all and I am looking for better ways to track the data. Unfortunately they all suffer the same problems and/or are expensive.

Cayla has started using Lark to track her sleep information and has learned she doesn't get enough or consistent sleep. Unfortunatly she seems to take pride in how unhealthy she is being. I guess as a parent I should be happy that binge watching Netflix is how she rebels.

Ana, has an older phone and Lark will not work on it, so her data is non-existent for January. I have not kept my Lark up-to-date so I am going on what it tracked without any edits, and I know that is not super accurate. For instance, if your phone is low on battery and you plug it in at 9pm, then stay up to 11:00, it will still think you went to bed at 9:00. Likewise, if you turn the alarm off at 8am, check email for 10 minutes, but then roll-over and go back to sleep for another hour, it will still think you got up at 8:00. It is the daily editing of the data in Lark that makes it accurate, and without that, it's bad data. For me, I rarely put the phone down early so the bedtimes are probably pretty accurate. And I know from other time-tracking tools what my wake times were, so I can get to pretty decent data. I need ideas for how to get better data for Ana, other than getting her a new phone. I am considering a fitbit or similar device but not sure how that'd go over with her. Devices that attach to the bed, such as the Sense or the Beddit look cool but are not cheap.

The project is pretty much on hold until I can figure out a way to get better data.

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